Our professional  team Evaluates & Translate foreign credential reports as well as foreign transcripts, degrees, certificates, for employment, immigration, college admission, and licensing etc.


TMC-Telesonic Consulting finest and detailed credential evaluation helps individuals, companies, institutions, as well as employers to receive an fair and complete evaluation of the equivalence of the degree from any country translated into the US equivalence vice-versa. We do have more than 50 representatives around the world, and that enable us to physically reach the in-house foreign institution for further details if necessary for it full credibility . In fact, an credential evaluation report lists all diplomas, certificates, degrees, periods of education, training by government,  educational institutions, and evaluates credentials to its U.S. equivalency (e.g., Bachelor, Master, Doctorate...)


Foreign education is evaluated by independent private evaluation agencies who provide foreign credential evaluation services. If you have a degree or diploma from a foreign country it is necessary to have your educational background formally assessed for employment, further education or immigration purposes. A foreign credential evaluation agency like Evaluation World provides this service.


The U.S. Network for Education Information, part of the Department of Education, states at http://www.ed.gov "Credential evaluation services are independent organizations that perform analyses of non-U.S. qualifications and issue recommendations as to how a particular qualification compares to a similar qualification or set of qualifications in the U.S. education system, labor market or the professions."


Our credential evaluators have years of training and experience in international education and have completed thousands of U.S. educational equivalency reports for USCIS (Immigration), Employment and University Admissions. They keep abreast of changes in educational systems around the world through Independent research and membership of professional associations like Association of International Educators (NAFSA), American Evaluation Association (AEA)and European Association of International Education (EAIE).


For the full benefit of our work, our credential evaluation equivalencies outputs are used to assess credentials of an applicant throughout all 50 states of the Country . These credential evaluations determine the applicant's education, number of years finished, and areas of expertise the applicant specializes in


Our priority is your satisfaction. The advantage of our professionalism and years of experience in the market. In addition, our trained staff take care of most of the fastest and most effective solutions to your needs. Of course there is the personal approach and high care. We are dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and an opportunity for us to improve the delivery of our services.

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