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We now offer Evaluation Certifications suitable for Framing (click here to see sample) and Apostille services. See #21 for details.



If You Have Questions About Your Evaluation or Order Form Click Here for a FREE Consultation or Call 716-799-0816 -  7 Days a Week / 24 Hours A Day.



Fill out this form, click submit and pay using a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express Credit or Debit card. It will travel over a SECURE server.

Lowest Price Guarantee: We guarantee that our prices are the lowest of any reputable evaluation agency. If, at any time over the next year, you find lower published prices just send it to us and we will refund 110% of the difference. This applies to the evaluation fees and rush services.



Send us CLEAR copies of your education documents IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH (BOTH) via fax to 1.716.852.1890 or via email to If you do not have a translated copies of your education documents, refer to our Translation Section as we do that as well. Please note that you can fax or email documents but emailed documents can ONLY be a PDF or TIFF file. We cannot open or look at any other formats. Please do not send a color scan of any documents even as a PDF or TIFF because they are too big to work with. Kindly be certain that your documents are sent as an attachment only. We are sorry that documents that are embedded in the body of the email cannot be used. Postal mailed documents will not receive the online discount prices. NO Postal mailed documents will be accepted for H1b filings


  • If you are sending original documents you must enclose a stamped self addressed envelope to have them returned. We are not responsible for the safe return of these documents and URGE YOU NOT TO send your only copy. We are happy to work from copies and you can present the original to the office you are giving the evaluation to.



  • If you have received an RFE, Denial, or NOID about your education or about a previous evaluation done elsewhere, do NOT order until we have reviewed your documents. There is no charge for the review. Please go to and follow the simple instructions on that page.



  • If you have had a pre-evaluation please resend your documents to the fax or email address on this form so it ends up at the correct department.



USCIS has issued denials when the diploma is issued from a private institution that is not government recognized or affiliated with a University.


We require that you only submit a PGD if it is from a an institution that is fully government recognized or is affiliated with a government recognized University. Please check before you submit it. Regardless of how it is evaluated USCIS will not approve it if it does not meet these requirements.


If you have a 3 year degree and do not have a recognized PGD for H1b filing you can add work experience in the field. See 16e below to order a work + education evaluation. You will need employer letters for this.



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